Sea Change

Sea Change - Aimee Friedman I added this to my TBR shelf during the NTOFYA Groups Mermaid month, but I wasn't able to grab a copy until recently. I have to be honest; I just couldn't get into it. I made it through half of Chapter one and it just wasn't what my brain needed in the form of a book. There are only so many times I can read about a person denying something that’s right in their face before I just put the book down all together. This was that time for me. I could have jumped to conclusions, I could have been extra touchy, I could just be plain old mean but I couldn't get into it. Three sentences in I was already guessing the ending and I just couldn't deal with that right then. So I am going to put this to the side and I may go back to it later, or next year or the year after. I'm not in a rush.