Hex Hall

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins I must admit that I'm a tad lost on where to start this review. Should I start with the many many things that annoyed me on a molecular level? Or should I go into how the book was so....done already? Don't get me wrong it's definitely not the worse book I've ever purchased but I will not be reading the sequel, I barely remember any of the characters (I finished the book less than 5 minutes ago), and I saw the ending coming a third of the way through, and I can probably tell you the ending of the next book right now too. Don't believe me? Here's a quick quizGirl is told SPECIFICALLY ghost don't interact with students, but when she is stalked by one ghost who waves, talks, and TOUCHES her; does she:a) tell a teacherb)tell her best-friendc)follow that ghost into the forbidden woods in the middle of the nightIf you picked "a" or "b" please rush to your nearest computer, tablet, phone, or bookstore and pick up this masterfully written piece of art. If you picked "c" then congratulations! You have a working brain!