Something Like Normal

Something like Normal - Trish Doller Lately I have been consumed by the paranormal world. Vampire, werewolves, witched, ghost, and what not’s. I was long overdue for a dose "a new normal". While I had my issues with the whole Paige issue towards the end I really did like this book overall. Travis had real issues that I know I couldn't face and even though he was a tad broken he wasn't annoying or reckless. His mom is someone I would be proud to know in my life and I am so happy his dad got what he deserved. Harper was spunky and sweet and real. I can't stand a main character that has been put on a pedestal or who is lower than the devils ass and Harper was the definition of a tangible character. I truly enjoyed this book and I recommend it to anyone who just wants a nice non-overbearing dose of reality.