The Iron Duke (Iron Seas Series #1)

The Iron Duke (Iron Seas Series #1) - The Iron Duke seriously surprised me with it's awesomeness. I have never read a steampunk book before and I didn't think my squirrel like attention span could handle me imagining that kind of world, but of course I was wrong. The entire book from start to finish was amazing. It starts with our lovely and completely kick ass heroine Mina and a dead body. Next enters our deviously delicious Iron Duke, aka Rhys. I'm not a fan of bullies or egotistical men so as soon as Rhys opened his mouth I wanted to punch him in the face but he grew on me. Mina has the same mindset as I do and I loved that she was such a strong and level minded woman. She never dodged the hard stuff and she was always ready to get her hands dirty in the name of justice, and while I'm not willing to put my hand in a dead mans mouth, I admired that about her. Then you bring in her love and devotion for her family and I nearly bubbled over with a insta-love girl crush. She crossed perilous seas, went further away from home than she ever thought she could, faced zombies, mercenaries, and mean drunks and she still held her head up and fought for the truth. I could seriously go on an on about how in love I am with Mina and how I stayed up for 24 hours just to finish this book in one sitting, but I don't want to seem crazy so I will move on. Rhys ticked me off from the beginning. He was arrogant, cocky, egotistical, and a bit of a bully. He was also protective, brave, and dedicated. I seriously spent the first 150 pages trying to decide if I wanted to jump his bones or hit him with a crowbar. It didn't take long for me to see that jumping his bones would be the best and most fulfilling option of the two. It took some time but he eventually learned what it was like to have an equal outside of a pirate ship, and Mina was that equal. It took him a while to see things the way she did but once he did he did a complete about face and did everything he could to protect her, love her, comfort her, and in his words "shag" her. I'm pretty sure I loved Rhys almost as much as I loved Mina. It took a while for me to love him but I love that his and Mina's relationship built up and wasn't some run of the mill insta-love story.Scarsdale and Yasmeen gave the book a level of humor that was perfect. It wasn't forced, or overdone, or random. I didn't think much humor could be found in a world where nano-robots once controlled your every emotion and life, where zombies roamed the majority of the world, or where revolutions and pirates were a normal everyday occurrence. But some how Scarsdale and Yasmeen laughed their way into my heart right along with Rhys and Mina (too mushy?). I'm a tad heartbroken and fan girl excited about the second book. On the one hand it won't focus on Rhys and Mina, who I have come to love way more that is acceptable, but on the other hand I get to go on a whole new adventure with Yasmeen. Ugh these damn love hate moments! Regardless I will read the next book and any after that because I can't see Brook destroying this story line.