Shifting - Bethany Wiggins Shifting is seriously a book in its own league. I LOVED IT!!! It is so rare to find a heroine who can go to hell and back and come out a stronger person without all that self-pity, or self-hate. Maggie was the definition of my fantasy girl. Smart, brave, level headed, pretty, and independent. She never looked at her situation as a hopeless curse that she was doomed to bare and I loved her for that. Mrs. Carpenter reminded me so much of my Granny that I put the book down once and called her just to say I love her. Yes I do things like that. The entire staff at Navajo Mexican made me crazy jealous because I couldn't work with these awesome people and yes I am extremely serious. This brings me to Bridger. I liked him for the simple reason that he wasn't a jackass. He was sweet and nice and honest and yes hot, but he wasn't annoying or high handed or anything like a rich little boy you read in most YA. This was another book I got from the library but I will invest in my own copy because I can easily see myself rereading this.