Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls Series #1)

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter OK so usually I try not to leave a review if I don't finish the book, but I have to try to stop other people from wasting their money on this "book". I made it to Chapter 5 and completely gave up. Please don't get this confused, I wanted to quit after Chapter 2 but I thought hey it will get better give it a shot. Um no. If anything it made me realize that Kylie is that girl from school that I wanted to slap on an everyday basis. Every other sentence was "girls like me" or I'm not that kind of girl" or freak this freak that freakity freakity FREAK FREAK FREAK! I mean GOSH we know you’re in High School but could you please grow the hell up! You see a man that no one else can, you have night terrors that can wake up your whole house but you can't remember. Pot please stop calling the kettle black. Then that damn obsession with Try (the ex) and what's his name from camp. I mean you’re at camp for two months get your head out your ass get over yourself and make the best of it. Then the denial she was going through, what was up with that! YOU SEE A DEAD MAN EVERYDAY!! There is no denial when you’re facing the facts missy. There were so many things in these short 5 chapters that I would love to go on and on about but I'm sure some of the lovers of this book would have me banned from Goodreads if I used the kind of language necessary to explain them all. Please please PLEASE trust me. Even if we don't have one book in common just trust me. The word "freak" was used about 40 times JUST during Chapters 3-5. If you are over the age of 17 15 just trust me, you don't want to do this.