Tempest Rising (Jane True Series #1)

Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler So honestly Tempest Rising was an ok read. Did it deserve the full 4 stars I gave it? Not really. Does it deserve 3.5 MAYBE 3.75 stars? Yes. Yes it does. To be honest I figured out the end before the halfway mark but I still was an enjoyable enough read. Jane, is one of those love hate characters for me. On the one hand I loved her sarcasm, her logic, and her uncanny ability to make dirty jokes about mustaches. On the other hand her multiple inner voices made me want to rethink my sanity for picking the book up in the first place. I mean seriously how many inner voices does one person need!! Not to mention the constant and ridiculously heavy guilt of her best friend/lover Jason's death. I understand pain, I understand being an outcast, I even understand being completely different but the level of grief portrayed in this book was unhealthy to an extreme. Don't get me wrong I'm definitely not one of those people who get offended or judgmental at the drop of a hat, but her grief made me want to pop a Valum in the middle of my vacation. Ryu was a nice and steamy addition to the story and even though I'm completely lost on saying his name I can still dream of his many many talents. All in all it was a pretty decent read, I'm in no rush to finish the series but I might one day. I've read a lot of reviews who keep referencing the Sookie Stackhouse series and to be honest the two books have as much in common as Twilight and For the Love of a Vampire. Yes there is a girl yes there is a boy and yes there are some big bad meanies. But that is where all comparisons end. Sookie wasn't an outcast Sookie would have never let Bill (Ryu) buy her anything from a place like Iris and Sookie, was level headed and kick ass throughout the whole series. SO if seeing those reviews is something that is deterring you from reading Tempest Rising then don't worry about it.