Undead - Kirsty McKay So Undead was everything I thought it would be. It had humor, action, a little romance and best of all zombies. But that's all it had. There was no real plot or story line for that matter. It was kind of your typical A-frame kind of zombie story. Kids + field rip + stranded +zombies= the same story we have all seen a billion times. When it seemed like there was no escape they escaped, when it seemed like it was over a zombie jump out, when it seemed like the world was ending and romance was not an option people flirted. It wasn’t a bad book, I swear. It was just something I've read and seen many many times before. I liked the ending but to be honest even that has been done before. If you’re looking for a light read just to kind of clean your palate then I recommend this one. It doesn't take any brain power to follow, you know it's not perfect, and there are times when you will laugh and jump.