Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)

Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines Let me be completely honest here. The book wasn't bad, it really wasn't. BUT it was filled with so much insta-love that at times I seriously thought I was going to relive my lunch. Typically I'm not one of those people that loath insta-love stories, sometime I really really REALLY like them. Breathe was not that kind of story. I mean come on you've known each other for all of two weeks and she is your "air"?! He has your heart!? I was too jealous to leave you alone! What the hell kind of drugs are you on because I definitely may need some the next time I babysit. Let me get back on track though. The characters were not the worse ones I've ever encountered. Marcus was another love sick puppy whom I still feel just a tad sorry for. Jessica was an immature woman who needed the police called on her for neglect. Ms. Mary was probably my favorite person in the whole book. Rock and Peston were nice yet small additions. But then you get to Jax and Sadie. On the one hand I appreciate a "rock star" who is down to Earth and who knows that without the fans they would be no one, but on the other hand he was SUPER cheesy. I know he was meant to be romantic but it all came off as something someone would say to get in your pants after meeting you at a party. Which brings me to Sadie, a girl who is so damn gorgeous every man within a ten mile radius is instantly in love with her but she can't even believe she is cute, let alone gorgeous. I didn't want her to be vain but a little confidence goes a long way in my eyes. I respected and loved her family situation something that is all too real to me, but I just couldn't believe that a person who has so much responsibility would run crying from a house because she thinks the boy she likes has a girlfriend. I mean really? You can handle taking care of your mother and yourself but you can't go up to this boy you like and ask if he has a girlfriend? Then there was that whole depressed state she went through. YOU KNEW HIM FOR TWO WEEKS!! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!!