Thrown By A Curve

Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton Ladies I want to introduce you to my fantasy version of Garrett Scott:This is the face I pictured the entire time I was reading Thrown by a CurveMy number one remedy for a book hangover, is a quick, simple, somewhat predictable and steamy read. No matter how bad the hangover is, these key things always work for me, and Thrown By A Curve was exactly what I was looking for, plus a little something extra.Even though I knew exactly what I was getting, based on the blurb and cover I still found myself somewhat surprised by the realistic maturity level of our two main characters, Alicia and Garrett. They were RATIONAL adult characters and I can't tell you how nice of a change it is to read about people who think along the same line as I do. For instance, Garrett would get aggravated and get snippy with Alicia. But instead of Alicia pondering for 6 chapters on why he got snippy, she just flat out asked. This is what people do! If there is a problem you don't ponder it relentlessly, you go get answers! This is what took this book from "meh" to "ok" for me. I love the idea of tangible characters and environments and nothing about Garrett and Alicia's relationship/situation seemed far-fetched or came off as annoying.If that wasn't enough to take my mind off my book hangover I'm sure the incredibly hot sex scenes would have. I'm not talking about, "tie-me-up-and-screw-my-brains-out" kind of sex, but more like "I-want-to-take-my-time-exploring-your-body-and-enjoying-that-look-of-bliss-on-your-face" kind of sex.Everything was so sensual even I got a little hot under the collar, and if you ever tell anyone I will deny it!Denial, and hot collars aside, I truly enjoyed Throw By A Curve. Yes the plot was extremely predictable, and the writing wasn't some epiphany inducing masterpiece, but it was exactly what I needed at the time. Something that cleaned my palate, got my mind off my book hangover, and entertained me to a certain extent.