Defiance (Significance, #3)

Defiance (Significance, #3) - Shelly Crane WOW I devored Defiance in about 3 hours flat. My excitment for this book was seriously borderline stalker-ish, I had a reminder on my G-mail calender, Hotmail calendar, even my work calendar (I said stalker-ish). I've probably read  and  about 4 times since I bought the first book back at the end of December last year, and Significance instantly became my favorite book of 2011. After reading Defiance I know without a doubt that the Significance series is my new all time favorite series. Ms. Crane has one hell of a way to turn words into a tangible love that jumps from the page past your eyes into your head through your heart and out past your soul (too much?) but it wasn't just the love going on it was the action. I'm always up for a good fight and the drama and conflict never stopped but at the same time it definitely fit in the story without feeling rushed or forced. I was seriously thrown by Maggie's "real dad" and her "sperm donor" dad. I don't want to go into detail but OMG WTF is up with the crazy imprinting?!! Not that I'm complaining, it made me grin like a person wearing a jacket that makes me hug myself. I will say that while I admire Maggie and Caleb's ability to take the high road, I personally have an especially sweet tooth for revenge and would have loved to see Marcus go the way of Marla. All in all it was a phenomenal read with amazing characters awesome plot turns and a ridiculously low price of 3.99 at B&N. I was practically crawling out of my skin waiting for this book and I might just have to invest in one of those special jackets to survive till the next book.