Written In Red: A Novel of the Others

Written in Red - Anne Bishop Original review can be found at I'm a bit at a lost for words right this second. Even though I just finished Written in Red I can't sort through my feelings, or thoughts to even begin a decent review. I sort of just want to jump up and down and run around my parking lot screaming "sleep is for suckers get your butts up and read Written in Red now"!!!! I want to tell everyone I have ever met and everyone I will ever meet, that Written in Red was so amazing and artfully done that I sat in my bed staring at the final page, because I didn't want to close the book, out of fear that it could of all been a spectacularly vivid dream, of greatness. I know this isn't my "typical" tone when I review a book I love. but I think that gifs, fan-girling, and swooning can't possibly do this amazing book justice. Even thought his is my first read of Ms. Bishop's, I have that feeling of euphoria when you finally get your hands on your favorite authors latest creation. And, even though I borrowed this copy of Written in Red please know that I will definitely be ordering a copy for myself.Now on to the adult-ish/not-so-somber gushing. :)I have recently been in a complete and total reading slump. Nothing I have picked up has held my attention, or made me excited in months. ARC's, new releases, even old favorites just haven't been able to do it for me. Yes there were a few books here and there that I enjoyed and made it through, but nothing, that made me so excited I stayed up all night gasping in shock and fisting my sheets in anger. I felt, excitement, fear, anger, and a need to know what happened next. But this is just a small glimpse into the writing skill and genius that is Anne Bishop. Every sentence, paragraph and page was vividly told in a way that used every available piece of imagination I have but that didn't overload my senses. I was able to see and understand this world that Bishop has constructed, and grasp how that world effects the mind-blowing and amazing plot.If the writting isn't enough to draw you in let me tell you about the characters I have come to love, and the plot that had me on the edge of my seat.Written in Red starts off with Meg (our MC and heroine) running away from her "controller", in freezing weather while thinking about a vision of her own death. Yes, that was all in just the first two pages! But the action and mystery didn't stop there. Bishop quickly introduced us to a world where "others" are the rulers and us mere humans are just meat. A world filled with shape-shifters, vampires, elementals, ponies (I use that term loosely) and a creature so lethal that speaking it's name can cause the death of many. It's like Bishop took a handful of mystery, a pinch of paranormal, a dash of deceit, a twist, two turns, and a whole lot of blood and missing limbs, threw it in a blinder and some how it turned into pancakes (because who doesn't love pancakes!?). But seriously, I'm not sure how she made so many elements not only fit, but also flow in just one book. There were a few parts that made me squirm, but I also requested off the day we hosted a blood drive at my job, so don't take my squirming seriously. Then to top it all off there was NO insta love. No I need to investigate the bad guy. No "he's a jerk but I can change him" nonsense. I'm not saying there was no romance, but its a slow and steady build up. (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) Lets move on to the lovelies this book is about. :)I don't want to go into detail of each amazing character, because I'm afraid I may leak something fantastic, just know that:A.) Meg is a a heroine in her own category. She is strong, she has sense, she is compassionate, and smart.B.) Simon is kick ass, I'm perfectly ok with being his "piece of meat".C.) Tess gave me nightmares (seriously)D.) Vlad....is exactly what you would expect from a paranormal character named Vlad, but he also has a touch of something more, that most creatures like him lack, and I LOVED it!E.) Aisha is the queen bitch from hell, and I want to run her over with a train....repeatedlyI don't think that gave away too much ;)I can go on and on about my love for this book, but that would take time away from you reading it. Just know that the plot was impeccable, the writing was amazing, the characters are like big fluffy unicorns fill with awesomesauce, and I am completely and totally in love.