Inescapable (The Premonition, #1)

Inescapable (The Premonition, #1) - Amy A. Bartol So technically this book just barely hit the 3 star mark for me. The first 200 pages (ebook format) had me in love with it. Then Evie did the typical heroine bull crap and I was trying very hard not to throw my nook across the room. Evie went from being a very level headed, brave and independent young woman to a needy and completely idiotic girl half way through the book. I'm not upset that she wanted to protect those around her I'm upset at her logic behind it. If blood thirsty creature are out to get you you go the opposite way of those you love drawing the big bad meanies with you, you don't hover over said loved one and wait to be attacked while your doing said hovering. The again common sense ain't so common. I won't go into detail about Frieddie or Buns or Brownie because I hate spoilers but I will say they helped me make it through the book when Evie lost her mind. Then you have Reed and Russell. Um um umm, while I do believe I love them both there is something about Reed that makes my insides do the "butterfly" dance to. Overall I really did enjoy the book for the most part but I don't feel that longing of re-readig it anytime soon like I have with other books in the genre ( Angelfall ) but I will suggest it to most people.