Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed Series #1)

Kiss of Midnight  - Lara Adrian What do you get when you take a vampire warrior who just so happens to be a commitment phobe with daddy/sibling issues, and a headstrong woman who hasn’t been laid in months, who was adopted and has mommy issues? You get the same damn Vampire Paranormal Romance you’ve read since the beginning of time. Lucan was a complete and TOTAL pain in my ass. He was indecisive on whether he wanted Gabrielle or not but then he gets all “You are mine no one else can have you” on her when another man looks at her. Not to mention he was soo hung up on his revenge and family issues for my taste. Then you have Gabrielle. Gabrielle, Gabrielle, GA-BRI-ELLE (small FYI I just did that pinch nose bridge thing). She started off so STRONG. Stupid for standing in a dark alley watching a murder but she was a determined independent (a tad depressing) woman. Then all of a sudden she get a little action and it’s all I want Lucan! I need Lucan! I won’t stop until he admits he loves me. I mean COME ON! If the man has lied to you on many levels (yes I think he should have told her from the jump but whatever) pushes you away every 30 seconds, and then has the nerve to just walk away from you without a look back you should take the hint and the high road and just WALK AWAY. I’m mad I spent 7.99 of my free Google Play credit money on this. UGH!!