Rush (The Breathless Trilogy #1)

Rush - Maya Banks  Let me start off by asking all those raving 5 star reviews a question:Did we read the same book?I get, and love, that everyone is entitled to their opinion and interpretation of a book but there is absolutely no way we could have read the same book! Where most people said it was "sexy" I thought it was boring, where some people pointed out the "alpha male/dominant" tendencies I pointed out a total jerk-face that needed to get his head out his ass! And don't even get me started on the horrible puns and writing!If I hear the word "devour" one more time I'm going to grab a shovel and start digging graves! His kiss was like him "devouring" her, him looking at her from across the room was his way of "devouring" her with his eyes, she devoured his beauty...and yadi yadi yadi! It was UNBEARABLE! I've never read anything by Ms. Banks but I guarantee you after this piece of work I probably won't. It wasn't the extremely detailed sex scenes with all the spanking, and butt plugs galore. Or the totally naive thought process that belonged to Mia. Oh no that stuff was just the icing on the "WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING?!" cake. The real problem I had with Rush is that it was B-O-R-I-N-G and predictable!There wasn't a twist, turn or revelation that caught me by surprise and while usually I can look past a dull read Rush just had too many things working against it. The submission contract, the dull and overly detailed sex scenes, the dramatic need to prove that this is all "just" sex. And if the predictability wasn't enough I truly felt the book was demeaning and believe me it takes a lot for me to even utter those words. But what other word can be used when the man you "love" strips you naked, ties you up, and then let other men come in for the show? But it's "ok" because it was in that cookie cutter contract he had you (and every woman before you) sign.Maybe I'm being too harsh. Or maybe the authors of erotic adult fiction need to pull some new ideas out of a unicorns butt.