Exceptional (Exceptional Series Book #1)

Exceptional (Exceptional Series Book #1) - Jess Petosa My emotions on this book are so freakin confused I'm ready to throw my IPad across the room! I loved every word of the book....UNTIL the Rouges I mean WTF..can I not read just ONE dystopian books that doesn't result in a virus performing a sort of reverse evolution?!?!??? Luke was a dream, sweet, smart, considerate, and of course written to be ├╝ber sexy. Ally was a strong person. It was amazingly refreshing to find a heroine who wasn't all whiney about being in a foreign situation, or who was terrified of her own shadow. Aden has got to be the spawn of Satan/Hitler. That is seriously the only logical explanation I can think of. Aden aside the story until the rouges, was completely perfect. There was romance, danger, suspense, and action. Then someone dropped a bomb of "oh-what-the-hell" and blew it for me. Even when Ally did the ......... At the ......... I still was on board for the story. I knew there was more conflict coming I just didn't expect that and then what the fudge cake was up with that ending! I was confused hurt and pissed off to the highest level of pist-off-icy! I mean really? Really!?!!!! I give this book 4.0. Stars because more than half of it was AWESOME but I can't see myself reading the next book.