The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)

The Goddess Test  - Aimee Carter OK so while I'm not obsessed with Greek mythology I do really enjoy it. The Goddess test was an OK read for me and to be honest I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did. Kate is a main character in her own category. She was strong, independent, smart, patient, quick witted and any other nice words you can think of, but I don't truly look at her as a heroine which was a really cool spin to me. Yes she is trying to save her mother and Henry but she isn't going all ape shit crazy with super powers and unnatural flexibility or fighting skills. There was substance to this girl, there was logic, there was open mindedness (yes it's a word) and most prominent there was passion. Kate is seriously the most realistic character I've ever come across and I can't thank Ms. Carter enough for introducing us. Henry was my love from the moment he graced me with his presence, which once you think of the whole deal I should have pegged him as a creepy pedophile but I just couldn't. He was sweet, and caring and he never put any kind of pressure on Kate no matter what was at stake which was worth major brownie points in my book. Ava was like hot and cold for me but that was how she was written so kudos to you again Ms. Carter. James in my opinion was a good friend, sure he has his secrets but who doesn't. The other residents of Eden were well written and added to the story instead of over loading it with unnecessary information, which is something most author can't balance out in my opinion. All in all The Goddess Test was a really great that kept me guessing until the very end which doesn't happen often to me.