Meridian (Meridian Series #1)

Meridian - Amber Kizer I was really really REALLY excited to read this book and while it's not one of my all-time favorite I did truly enjoy it. It took a while to get past Meridian's whiny "but I don't want to be a Fenestra" attitude but Tens and Auntie whipped her butt into shape and the attitude didn't last long. I found the entire concept to be really interesting and different. Usually when you hear anything about "angels" and human's it's always a bad thing but that wasn't the case in this story. I especially liked how death was viewed as a whole in this book, I'm not much of a church goer but that was a pretty cool rendition of death. The whole mega-church/evil Fenestra’s/ crazy town folks was classic. Tens was seriously the love of my life throughout the entire book and Auntie reminds me of my Granny, strong, smart and sassy. I'm not in a big rush to start the next book in the series but it will be on my to read list.