The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1)

The Gamble  - Kristen Ashley So The Gamble and I had a very intense love/hate relationship. I loved everything that is/was and always will be Max. I mean I'm a city girl to the core but Max could definitely make me want to move to the mountains. Everything about him just screamed "HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME". The town characters were well written and completely tangible. The many plots in the story kept me guessing and I rarely put the book down. But with all this love there was still room for me to absolutely hate Nina. She was a stubborn, selfish, indecisive, childish, individual and it was rare that I saw anything other than what I have described. One of my top pet peeves is a person who won't let go of the past and believe me when I say that was Nina to the core. Her constant self doubt was probably her biggest downfall with me and once I saw all of that there was no redeeming this book from 2stars. The plot was great the twist and turns were mind-blowing the writing was easy flowing and the majority of the characters were amazing. But every time Nina opened her mouth I forgot all of this. I will say that I did appreciate her intense loyalty to her new friends, but that's all the good I can about her.