Partials - “When our ancestors were attacked at Pearl Harbor, they called it a day that would live in infamy. The day the Partials attacked us with the RM virus will not live in anything, because there will be none of us left to remember it.” -President David R. Cregan, March 21, 2065 In a press conference at the White House. Three hours later he hanged himself.This is the quote located on the back of my hardback copy of “Partials”. This is the quote that made me squeal in glee in the middle of the library with small children not even ten feet away from me. Needless to say their “tutoring” session ended before I could get my glee under control; but once I read the blurb there was little hope left that the library would find peace again. I was excited to put it mildly. Who wouldn't love a story about a world destroyed by a virus set by the very “super humans” we created to protect and defend us? I squirmed with anticipation to read such a story, but I squirmed in vain. The idea behind “Partials” was cool and twisted but the actual delivery was way short of what I expected. You’re immediately introduced to Kira, examining and cataloguing the death of another baby, in her “haven” of East Meadow. Eleven years ago the super soldiers names Partials released a virus that killed over 99% of the human race and also stopped the reproduction of humans. “Partials” had the potential to be one of my favorite books of the year. It had medical emergencies. Why are the babies dying? It had mystery. Where are the Partials now? Who is the Voice? There was romance. Will Kira accept Marcus? There was even some rebellion causes in there. Who is the senate for making sixteen year old girls go out and get pregnant? So how did “Partials” not reach greatness in my eyes? The book is 468 pages long and I didn't get excited until page 401. That’s how long it took for me to see some action. That is how long it took for my heart to speed up, my grip to tighten, for me to want to keep going. I know I shouldn't complain. Nobody made me sit there and read 400 pages of a book I truly wasn't into. But I wouldn't let go, I had started this book a week ago and dammit I was going to finish it. I have to stop torturing myself because I’m the one left with a shattered heart and a very confused brain. I wanted to love this book so much I even put it down for two days thinking it was my mood killing it, and not just its abundance for useless information. Damn my naive mind and trusting heart.