The Space Between

The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff The Space Between was an amazing mix of demons kicking ass, demons dying, demons fallin in love, scary angels, and teenagers who did not get on my damn nerves. I loved almost every single letter of this book. The pace was perfect, the characters well rounded, the plot was thick and tense and FOR ONCE I didn't correctly guess the ending. Don't get me wrong the entire book wasn't perfection to me but it is definitely good enough for me to go out and buy my own copy (the copy I read came from the library) I even gave it the rare honor of putting it on my "ol reliable" shelf. But enough of all that let me tell you about these amazing characters.*Daphne was a complete gem. I loved everything that is and was her. I know some people will not like nor appreciate her monotone attitude but I am not one of them. In fact I think the way she did react to everything brought more depth to her because when she did feel something strongly it was palpable. I seriously loved it.*Obie was the misunderstood sweetheart of the book. Although he didn't have many parts I seriously loved his devotion and will power.*Lilith scared the bejesus out of me. Not in a Rosemary's baby kind of way but more in the "I will look you in the eye while I kill you Kill Bill style". I know what you’re thinking. "But she loved her son soo much". OK I will give her points for loving Obie so much but that's where it ends. Don't get me wrong I think her character largely made Daphne who she is but she was still creepy to me.*Charlie. Not really much to say about Charlie. He was a devoted father to a kid who wasn't even biologically his. I have more respect for him as a fictional character than I do for some of the very real people I know and speak to regularly.That leaves Tru. Tru, Tru, Tru. Like all the characters I loved him. I loved his sorrow, his misery, his pain. But mostly I love how he knew that with Daphne he could be better. Not perfect but better. He was brave and reliable even though he was completely fucked up in the head at first. His ending broke my heart into a million little pieces and I seriously didn't want to finish the last two chapters of the book but I pushed through hoping for a happy ending.The only thing I didn't like was how I didn't get to see Dreadful ripped into a trillion pieces, ran over with a mac truck, lit on fire and then danced on. But hey I guess that would have been just a bit much. Overall I truly loved this book and I think everyone should give it a chance.