The Sweetest Dark

The Sweetest Dark - Ummm, review to come! After I figure out what my emotions are!UPDATEOriginal review, and other can be found on my little slice of the internet! So you know how I've been ranting on twitter about the complete lack of originality in today's fiction? What do you mean you don't follow me on twitter?! Of course you do! I mean, why wouldn't you like to get constant awesome 140 charter length treats from me throughout the day? Anywho, I was ranting last week about how lately everything I read is so cookie cutter. And I was all but begging the book writing God's to send me something that would be completely different from anything else I've read. The Sweetest Dark was their answer.You see The Sweetest Dark is this dark yet fairytale-ish/romancey/historical fiction book. And yes, I know that's a lot of stuff for one book to have going on but in all honestly it not only worked but somehow it became this unique thing that I'm proud to say I've never experienced before. There was action, and adventure! Secrets and romance! Lord's, Ladies, peasants and a abundance of British accents! And even though I do not like historical fiction the entire setting, era, and atmosphere just drew me in! I wanted to be in this giant castle with those other twit girls who thought the only point of life was marrying into money. I wanted to see the stars that sang to Lora. But I'm jumping ahead!The Sweetest Dark has a very misleading blurb in many aspects. For one, if I would have known it was "historical fiction" there is no way I would have requested it (even though I'm happy I did!). Another thing that irked me about the blurb was how it didn't really embody the true magic and wonder that was inside this book! I mean obviously it was mysterious enough for me to request it, but I just feel that with all the wonder going on in this book it could have been showcased just a little in the blurb. Besides that minor speed bump I really enjoyed The Sweetest Dark.Our main characters, Lora, Jesse, and Armand, were a dynamic fit for an adult sized emotional seesaw! And I loved them so much for having all those dynamics but somehow still balancing out in the end! Lora has had a life so rough that I personally want to go and kick every adult who has ever wronged her ass! But she's also smart, and so level headed that I actually sighed when she acted in a rational manner! Whether it was rationally fainting or rationally leaping out of windows, she always acted in a way that made me want to constantly stand up and applaud. Jesse was the "rock" of our trio. He always knew exactly what to say it and how to say it, but he was also so magnificent (his "gift" is ridonkulous!) that I knew that if and when the time came he would probably be the most bad ass of the three. Armand was our wild card and polar opposite. While Jesse and Lora had worked for their meals Mandy (yeah I don't like it either) was born the son of a Duke! A honest to God (messed up in the head) DUKE! And yes I know Duke's were common in the era but, COME ON! I basically just met a Duke! Any way, Mandy had this whole "I'm raised as a gentleman, but I bribe servants, drive fast and do what I want" attitude and while he was never arrogant I actually really liked that about him.I loved watching them interact as everything unfolded but, the cherry on the "this book was really good" cake was the writing. Abe has a unbelievable way with words that made this story so gripping and amazing that it took me DAYS  to write this review. I was so shocked to have something new and unique in my lap, that I seriously finished and couldn't make heads or tails of my feelings. I'm excited to start the sequel and experiencing more of Abe's talent.