Darker Still: A Novel of Magic Most Foul

Darker Still - Leanna Renee Hieber So Darker Still was a whole new kind of read for me. I'm not that much of a fan of historical fiction but this book is seriously making me reconsider that. Natalie was the kind of heroine I dream of in any book I pick up. She was smart, sassy, quick witted, and she didn't mind fighting for what she truly believed in. Not to mention she not once made you give her a "pity Party" for being mute, she took what life gave her and strived for more, and I love her for that. Her relationship with Mrs. Northe was not something I immediately trusted but that's just my "everybody is out to get me" attitude, I did grow to love her and respect her and I really do wish I could have seen more of her "talents". Maggie was another story entirely, I'm sure she meant well but she just rubbed me the wrong way every time she made an appearance. Jonathan was a complete and total gentleman, to such a degree that he was the first of his kind for me to meet. I'm definitely not a "lady and gents" kind of girl but it was a refreshing change from all the "dog humping leg" action I've been reading. The whole demon aspect was probably the coolest bad guy I've ever read about and that's mainly because he was so original, the whole how he choose his victims and how they died though process was so different from the normal, "rule the world" plain and simple plots you usually see. My absolute favorite part of the entire book was how it was written. While I know it's pretty hard to believe that she wrote in such detail in her diary I still loved it. It seriously was like reading someone’s diary and getting a true glimpse inside their thought process, while also see how they looked at everyone else. Overall it was a great read that I am happy to have stumbled upon at my Sam's Club.