Zom-B  - Darren Shan, Cliff Nielson I saw "Zom-B" at my library and I instantly loved the title and the cover. Even though the book is pretty short (only 174 pages) I could not bring myself to read the entire thing. Not only were there little to NO zombies the main characters were so racist I hoped zombies stormed their house, drug them to Africa or India or China and then slowly devoured their internal organs, in front of the natives. I actually threw the book (on my couch) when B (our main character) started making gorilla noises at his black schoolmates. Then he turns around and starts this entire inner-monologue about how he know it's wrong but that's what will make his dad PROUD! I read that part and instantly jumped to the end, just hoping he got what he deserved. I wasn't let down.