Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12) - Charlaine Harris So I finished Deadlocked at about 12 this morning, and I'm so sorry at the way the series had decided to end. In the beginning I was what many of you would consider to be a "die hard Sookie fan". I loved that she got her hands dirty; she didn't go through a self-pity stint, and most of al I loved that she was indeed imperfect. But instead of her growing and evolving into something more I feel like in some ways she has actually regressed. Yeah ok she will get rid of a body without flinching but her relationship issues are way beyond annoying and her constant "I was raised by a good Christian woman" inner monologue is getting a little old. Grams was a great woman, yes I get that but there was a time when the whole town looked down their noses at Sookie and now she has the nerve to look down her nose at people? Um not cool. Next I want to get into this whole Eric-Bill-Alcide-Sam love pentagon. So let me start off by saying I AM NOT A PRUDE. I don't necessarily believe that you should pass yourself around like last week’s sales ad, but I do believe you have to get your feet wet. I did not mind Bill. I also didn't think he was right for Sookie mainly because he did originally only find here because that was his job from the Queen. I think he should have been the one to tell her and I think he should have told her a lot sooner than when she found out. This brings me to Eric. I love Eric, the whole "I'm a big bad Viking" does many thing to my fantasy world but I don't think he is right for her just because the person she wants is not the kind of man/vampire Eric is. Sookie wants a big lovey dovey guy she can hold hands with on a stroll through the park, a guy that will give her some pointless and overly cute nickname, and that man isn't Eric. I don't really understand the whole "Me and Alcide aren't friends right now" aggression. Yeah so he showed up naked in your bed via the pushy suggestion of your closest friend. You like the man, you think he looks good naked, I mean yeah his timing is horrible but I still think that was another "overly dramatic Sookie" moment. It's like every tiny thing pushes that woman over the edge (she needs anger management honestly). Finally you have Sam. Nice, sweet, makes a honest living, but just so happens to be your boss. Oh wait he isn't your boss anymore!