The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (Steampunk Chronicles Series)

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross I truly wanted to love "The Girl in the Clockwork Collar" but it just fell flat for me. If you've read my review on The Girl in the Steel Corset then you know that the reason it was so amazing to me was because is was like a modern day mash up of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and The Fantastic Four. Finely being a two in one deal was one of the coolest personality traits I've ever read and even though I knew it wouldn't last forever I didn't expect for the transformation to be so quick, painless, and simple. Am I wrong for wanting to see a little drama? Does it make me delusional to think that characters should occasionally work hard for something? I don't think so. I can stomach a book with underdeveloped characters. I won't throw a book that has poor world building. A book that is a tad predictable is even tolerable for me. But a book that is predictable, with underdeveloped characters (what was up with Dalton!), and has poor world building is a bit too much even for me. Is it possible that I expected too much from the book and in doing so I let myself down? Yes that is a very levelheaded and plausible possibility. Is that what happened?No. Not it is not."The Girl in the Clockwork Collar" was what you expect from the first novel in a series. It had holes, there were problems with the world but it was OK enough for you to pick up the second in said series. BUT since this was a sequel all of that is unacceptable. Instead of the Finley I grew to love in the first book I had to deal with a distraught "oh I love him but I shouldn't" "will I be evil or good" "Jack Dandy NO Griffin King NO Jack NO Griffin" chick. Yeah she could still hold her own in a fight but that wasn't enough to salvage her image in my eyes. I was so sick of her and Griffin's constant love/like/clueless/I don't understand/should I ask/ I want to kiss him back and forth inner monologues. Here you have two characters who are suppose to be so strong and confidant and so kick ass they fly all the way to New York to free Jasper from the American "judicial" system; but they can't ask one another out. No. No Griffin. No Finley. No Ms. Cross.Then you have the whole "the aether is off" line Griffin kept repeating. I'm pretty sure we figured that party out when you got attacked inside the aether you silly man. I could sit here and explain my likes and dislikes for the book but I find that to be a tad hypocritical since I will probably pick up the next one in the series.DON'T YOU JUDGE MEIf I am wrong for wanting to continue a series that has been hit or miss for me, a series that I have invested two books worth of my time into, a series where I really just want to know what will happen with Sam and Emily and Griffin and Finley or Dandy and Finley.