False Memory

False Memory - Dan Krokos Who says not to judge a book by it's cover?! I picked up False Memory because the cover completely caught (and kept) my attention, and that's saying something with my squirrel like attention span. It wasn't just the close up of what I believe is a computer chip, or the two people running, or the gloomy city, it was how everything about the cover made you question the title. Who has false memories? What happened to their original memories? Did this chick and guy on the cover loose their memories? Is the computer chip to blame? My mind ran ragged with question just from the cover. I'm not usually into anything that involves a person completely forgetting who they are. I haven't seen The Vow just because of memory lost. Something about it just doesn't do it for me typically, so I was really apprehensive about how I would feel about False Memory. Luckily I love a good cover because False Memory was a gem.The story hits the ground running. I'm talking action, mayhem and of course mystery. We are immediately introduced to our main character Miranda who is wandering around a mall because she can't remember who she is. But when she attempts to ask the mall security for help (like a good girl) everything goes to hell. She has a rare ability to induce fear upon people, and the burst she lets out on the security guard is enough to incite mass panic throughout the entire mall. Think of a mall full of people terrified of some unseen threat all trying to get out, trampling one another falling down escalators and over railings in their attempt to get away. Dan did such an amazing job of describing this scene that I was immediately hooked, this book could do no wrong in my mind from that moment on. But it wasn't just this scene that was described in vivd detail, the entire book was like this. Every fight scene, every training session, every flashback and argument was done in amazing detail, but in a way so that it never overloaded you. I appreciate detail, and I can only imagine how much talent it takes to turn something you see so vividly in your head into print. When I finished False Memory I was on a complete emotional roller coaster. I was shocked by the big reveal at the end, sad because it was over, excited because I will get to see Miranda and the gang again, but I mostly felt amazed that I fell in love with this book. And to that I say touché Dan Krokos you have landed a blow to my thought process and I take my hat off to you but also damn you for making me change my views.You genius bastard you. Bravo!