Burn for Burn

Burn for Burn - Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian RevengeTypically not an act I see truly fulfilled in YA books but I hoped “Burn for Burn” would be different. No surprise at how pointless my hope was.I have no clue what kind of high school these kids went to (a junior with an audi?) I do know the classic bullies portrayed by Reeves and Rennie, and I was excited to watch them eat a piece of that karma pie they made. Unfortunately that pie I was looking forward to them eating turned out to be little more than a karma cookie. When I read the blurb I expected three girls who were completely different from one another brought together with the sole purpose of revenge. I thought they would be feed up with the crap, and ready to show the world that they wouldn't take it anymore. What I got were three girls who had been talked about, made fun of and lied to. Don't get me wrong I think that Reeves and Rennie were awful people who deserved to be put in their place. But I think Lillia was taking her recent and horrifying experience out on Alex, when in reality it was obvious that Nadia had made this decision. I don't believe in lying so I can understand where Lillia was coming from but at the same time if her sister made the conscious decision to do something (repeatedly) then all you can do is be there for her if things don't work out.I was disappointing in Kat. Here we have this "tough" chick that has been talked about all through high school, loose it because now some boy she likes might believe those rumors. If a person can spend an entire summer getting to know you and then turn around and believe the lies, then they weren't worth a second of your time. Rennie had talked about Kat since middle school and Kat was above that all. I'm just disappointed that she lost her cool. This finally brings me Mary. I was a tad confused by my feelings for Mary. On the one hand she came back to prove to her bully that she was stronger than he thought. On the other hand she was ready to swim back to the mainland to get away from said bully at the first sight of him. I know she went through hell and I will never understand that pain but I felt like every time she took a step down the "I'm stronger" path she took two steps back towards the "He rules my life" path. I wanted her to conquer her demons and be proud of herself but that never happened. I know everyone can't just walk up to their tormentors and tell them off, or show them that they aren't worth their time; but it would have been nice to see just one of these girls try that. I don't think it even crossed their minds to stand up for themselves. I won't ruin the book by saying how they got their revenge but I will tell you that if you’re over 18 it was unfulfilling. At least for me.