Kill Me Softly

Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross Oh sweet Jesus why did I even pick this up! Was it because the premise of a revamp on classic fairytales just draws me in? Or was it the idea of reading a story that, technically I have read hundreds of times before, would end in a new and unique way? Whatever the reason it was nowhere good enough. I made it through chapter one and all but chucked this hard cover book across my bedroom, narrowly missing a small child and a large man. I know it's not fair to leave a review about a book I didn't finish let alone a book I didn't even make it two chapters into but I feel it is my civic duty to save other people the time and money needed for this crap. I can explain to you why I hated this book so much in one sentence.She runs away from a good safe home, to see a place she has never been, while not having a High School diploma, GED, or most importantly a JOB.Where are you going to live? What will you do two days after exploring this tiny town? What do you want for yourself ten years from now? Yes I know she is a child and therefore extremely naive and not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but dammit there was literally NO plan involved with this. Did she think she would get there the town would say "Oh my goodness your what's-her-face daughter! Here's a huge forgotten inheritance, including a house, a diploma, a car, and immediate unrestricted access to it!” Ugh sweet baby Jesus I have never wanted to cause harm to a book but there was a full minute where I had a lighter in my hand and a plan to rescue other people from this awfulness.ZERO STARS PEOPLE! ZERO