After Obsession

After Obsession - Carrie Jones, Steven E. Wedel After Obsession was a big surprise for me. I loved the cover and the blurb pulled me in, but I’m getting a tad sick of all these high school kids with no sense. Lucky for me however I didn’t have to deal with the typical teen angst. Aimee was a very level headed girl with rational fears and common sense. She was raised surrounded by people who were convinced that she was going to “go crazy” like her mother, it’s perfectly rational for her to have a little apprehension about that, but I also loved how she tried not to dwell on it. She knew her mom wasn’t crazy and she took that knowledge and hoped that she was right. She never fought against her abilities either which was another thing I admired and have been longing to read. Too often I run across a heroine who is too stubborn to notice how special and amazing they are and I’m so happy Aimee wasn’t one of those characters. The pace, world building, and plot were all steady and appropriate. I never thought that something was too fast or too slow but I did wonder why Alan and Aimee felt the bound that they felt, but maybe a sequel is in the works to explain that to me.