XVI - Julia Karr (Pinches the bridge of my nose and makes a frustrated sigh) This book was yet another waste of my time. It was slow, preachy, and annoying as hell. I thought a dystopian book about 16 year old girls being subjected to the extreme pressure of sex and being branded with their age, mixed with a government conspiracy and a murder would be amazing, great, and full of all kinds of goodies. WRONG. Nina was a mix of love and hate to me. You grow up seeing what she has seen, learning what she has learned and she still couldn't see the government for what it was when Sal tries to talk to her. WTF. You know the government ain't no good but you are in such denial, ugh. Then you have Sandy who I just wanted to run over with my car....repeatedly. I mean come on how many people have to get raped and mistreated before you get your head out your ass?? Mike and Derek were ok, but I don't feel they were really a part of the story, more like a last minute add on. Then of course I loved everything that was Wei and Sal and Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins and Rosie; they are the only reason this book got two stars instead of one. Long story short the book was slow, the world building was awful, the plot was predictable, the characters were flat and annoying (besides my small group of loves) and I have used two days of my life that I will never get back.