Frigid - J Lynn You know what? I'm really liking this New Adult phenom! And please don't start with that New Adult vs. Adult mess here alright?! I don't care what you call it, at the end of the day this new category within a genre is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and Frigid is no exception.Now if you know me you know my main gripe with contemporary/adult books in general is all the back and forth inner monologues. Flat and disengaging characters? I can get past that. Predictable plot "twist"? No biggie! Flat story line? Eh it happens! A character that goes back and forth in their head on whether character "B" likes them, or thinks whatever-the-hell of them? I mean I know it's suppose to add to the suspense, and story build up and in some instances it's suppose to help you better connect with a character, but for me it's just an annoying and giant thorn in my side. I just think that, as adults, we should be able to sit down and talk out those fears, uncertainties or doubts. Not to mention most of the time they do this back and forth "What if he hates me?/What if he regrets it?/What if he doesn't feel the same way?" they could have just grown a set, asked outright and saved themselves a lot of sleepless nights! So imagine my utter surprise when I read Frigid and didn't immediately grab my book burying kit the moment Syd did the one thing I loathe most.See Frigid is the story of Sydney (aka Syd) and her undying and totally hopeless love for her best friend Kyler. Syd, or "goody-goody" MC has been totally in love with Kyler since their mud pies days, but, of course she would never tell him that because it could "ruin their friendship". Who didn't see that one coming? Anyone? Ah you in the...nope just scratching your head? Ok. Well did you also see that Kyler was going to be a giant manwhore that happily screwed anything on campus? Oh, you did. Well fine obviously you're psychic....or read the blurb. Anywho this alone is usually the stuff that makes me run for the hills without a second thought, but I give it to J. Lynn for having these tried elements but twisting them into something more. Take everything you "know" to expect in this book, take the love the sex the heartbreak and all the other things NA is known for and forget about it. Frigid, while having many of the same basics, was woven into a story that had me up till 3am rushing to finish it! There were twist I didn't expect, elements that were new to NA, and a fluid way of making me care for every character, even if I wanted to strangle them at the same time. I honestly didn't know what to expect going into Frigid but I had no clue I was going to fall totally in love with it. The characters, the writing, the setting, the occasional predictability with the many plot twist and unique to NA elements made this book not only enjoyable but a new favorite of mine. Add in the fantastic sex and I do believe we have a winner!