Predestined (Existence Trilogy, #2)

Predestined (Existence Trilogy, #2) - Abbi Glines So Predestined was just as good as Existence to me. I loved everything that was and is Dank of course. Pagan was a little harder to stomach with her constant moaning and whinning, and I swear if I even hear someone say the words "I'm confused" in the next 24hours I can not be held liable for my actions. Overall though the story was well paced but not exactly rocket science to figure out by the second dream/memory. Possesive/jealous/in-love Dank made my insides do very nice things and all in all this was a really good read. There were moments when I was pissed at Pagan, in love with Dank, laughing at Gee and felt awful for Miranda. Waiting for the next in the series will be a challenge but I'm excited for what's next!