Ashes - Ilsa J. Bick I feel it's my civic duty to forewarn readers about Ashes. I personally didn't like the book at all and the only reason I'm giving the book 2 stars instead of one is because I woke up thinking about Alex and that damn cliffhanger. I'm not an outdoors-y kind of person if I cant get an indoor toilet and cell/ internet reception you will not find me anywhere in sight. I understand how this works in Alex's favor but that meant nothing to me. Then you have Ellie the spoiled "poor me" brat of a kid who needed a swift kick in the butt. Once Ellie came into the picture which is about 10 pages in I had to make a conscious effort to continue with the book. Even when she starts to show a little respect I still just wanted to give her a little smack. I mean come on your stuck in the middle of nowhere, your grandpa just died IN FRONT OF YOU and you have the nerve to be ungrateful to the two people who are continually breaking their neck to save your ass. This is not to insinuate that Alex was perfect, please believe me when I say every time she said "the monster" I again wanted to jump in the book with a belt and lash out some good old school whoopin, I mean it doesn't take a damn rocket scientist to see that "the monster" saved your ass from "the Zap". I do admit I liked Tim. And not because all of the heart fluttering looks him and Alex kept having (HELL-O apocalypse is happening) but because he was rational, open minded, resourceful and God knows I do indeed love a man in uniform. Bottom line I truly did not like this book and I'm 97% sure I won't like the next one. However I probably will read the next one anyway because I'm stubborn and I refuse to let that damn cliff hanger get the better of me.