Torn (Torn, #1)

Torn (Torn, #1) - K.A. Robinson Is it possible to give a negative star rating? Nothing ridiculous, just like...-2?? Yes? Ok get on that while I write up a review.*UPDATE*Hmm I see goodreads didn't add my "negative" review idea. star it is! (Although it seriously was -2!)Ah where does one start when it comes to reviewing a book that literally made me want to burn things?Torn was a story that I had high hopes for because a good friend of mine recommended it. And at first I actually really dug it. Even though the characters had the staple "hard upbringing" back stories, and the typical "bad boy" character, and of course the "I didn't know you loved me" plot line. I still sort of dug the story and even when things started turning for the worse I still stayed optimistic! I thought "yeah it's typical NA drama but, they could turn it around! Things could go a different way soon!" So I plowed on, with those thoughts in the back of my mind.Then the cliché's started, and the best friend became my #1 enemy, and my optimism dropped a notch. Next came the secrets glances, the hidden thoughts, the burying of emotions and my optimism took another blow. But it wasn't until I hit the 62% mark that my optimism climbed out the window, hijacked a car and drove off a cliff.I was going to DNF it right there. I didn't care that I had made it so far, I didn't care about the fact that I had basically begged for a review copy of Torn, all I could see was the biggest fuck up in the history of fuck ups and I wanted out. I've never felt such disdain for a set of characters and I cross my fingers that I never will again. But it wasn't just the ginormous fuck up, that did it for me. Oh no. My hate had been brewing underneath my optimism since chapter 3. I just didn't realize until that very moment how hot that hate had become.I felt hate for Logan, Chloe's best friend, and the worlds biggest douche bag. He was probably the #2 reason why I felt the need to set fire to many things. I think what pissed me off the most about Logan was his "undying love" for Chloe (that she was oblivious to of course!)and how it was supposed to be this big secret but it was obvious to the readers from day one! I mean if your going to have a "secret crush" somewhere in the book make us work for it! Keep us guessing! It was like Robinson took a blanket threw it over an elephant and said "somewhere in this room there is a large animal".Next I felt hate for Chloe, because she was a spineless little shit who couldn't make up her mind about something that really was pretty simple to figure out.Finally I felt hate for the "plot". I didn't expect it to be this big earth shattering, mind-blowing, life altering story but there was seriously little to no plot! It was more like a day time soap opera where all the characters have "secrets" and look at each with smiles and love but as soon as they turn their back, IN sinks the knife! And just to show you what I mean, here's a little taste! "If you want me, take me. If this is what it takes for us to get each other out of our systems, then we'll do it and move on."She says that, even though she HAS  a boyfriend. But of course that doesn't matter! Obviously sex will solve all the worlds problems, and make it totally ok to cheat on someone. That's not shallow or selfish! Oh no! Not at all selfish! I mean you're just screwing both of these men who are crazy about you because you don't want to take a second and work out your feelings. That's not selfish or shallow or twisted or wrong! But why don't I let you continue to justify your actions!He hesitated. "What about Logan?"I closed my eyes as guilt took over. "I can't move on with him until I can stop thinking about you. Please Drake. I need this, give it to me." My lips went to his and I kissed him hungrily. Ummm, so your telling me that the way to get over your feelings for one guy so you can move on to a guy you truly don't have romantic feelings for, you must have sex with him while you're technically with the other? Writing that gave me a headache and reading it again gave me a migraine.  I've never rated a book zero stars before, and while I'm sad it ended like that I honestly can not find one redeeming quality within this book. The characters irked me, the "plot" didn't exist, the writing was ok at best and the complete lack of depth just topped the "I hate you with the red-hot intensity of a thousand suns" pie.