Love Unrehearsed (Love, #2)

Love Unrehearsed (Love, #2) - Tina Reber This review can also be seen on my blog Read. Sleep. Repeat"Love Unrehearsed" left me a tad confused emotionally. One side of me was so happy for Ryan and Taryn, but another side of me was sick off all the self-doubt, then another side of me had a lot of laughs. Hmm... Not only did this book leave me confused but somehow I have acquired a multiple personality disorder. Anyway.I'm a sucker for a good love story with a little drama. I'm not talking about someone hiding a second marriage, or being a top secret government clone kind of drama but a tiny bit of jealousy, a wee bit of possessiveness and the occasional cat fight (can't help myself). And while "Love Unrehearsed" made for a very cute love story I couldn't get with the level of drama Reber kept throwing at me. I get that she was trying to show us how "hard" it could be to be in a relationship with a celebrity but I seriously felt like Tar and Ryan never got a break. It seemed like every two pages fire and brimstone was falling from the sky just for them. She was hit by a car, attacked by a body guard, assaulted and arrested in PARIS! If that isn't enough for you, trust me there is plenty more.Some of it was gripping and sad and amazing, but the majority of it just overloaded and irriateted me. I get it, being with a actor is hard, I'm not slow I figured that out with the first book. But even with my irritation I can't help liking the book. It has a really cute story (once you get to the bones of it), the characters were funny, sweet, and real. The writing was smooth and detailed without being overwhelming and I seriously love the relationship development between Ryan and Taryn. They may have fallen in love quickly but they worked hard at developing that relationship and growing as people, and I am a sucker for growth, and character development. I wish there was less drama, but c'est la vie, it was still a pretty good read.(that is the only French I know and I found a way to work it into a post! hahaha!)