Academy 7

Academy 7 - Anne Osterlund Overall the book was pretty decent just a tad slow for me. While Aerin wasn't your traditional kick ass first take names seconds kind of kick-ass heroine she could seriously hold her own out there. Not only was she able to physically get out there with the best of them she was also smarter than anyone else in the book. So:*Pretty? Check*Smart? Check* Kick ass? Check*Down to Earth and level headed? Check check CHECKShe knew she was the best, but not because of some fluke accident or hereditary angelic/vampire/fairy/whatever condition, but because she worked her ass off to make it as #1. This was probably my number three favorite thing about the book. She was (for the most part) normal. She studied, she tried, she failed and she survived. Too often do I read a YA book and everything is so effortless for the main character; it was nice to see some of that dedication and work for once.What had me next was Dane. Here we have a wealthy, celebrity level popular, smart, and a tad reckless young man all up in Aerin's space.Where he should have been arrogant, he was cunning, where he should have been attention seeking he was recluse, where he should have been using his fathers status to give him anything he wanted he was an INDIVIDUAL. He studied for his status as #2 student he asked for help from Aerin when he needed it and above all else he was tangible. He had scars like any other person you will ever run into but instead of trying to mask that with fame and fortune or extreme bad boy behavior he dealt with it in his own way and stayed real. What truly was my number one thing about this book was how the romance didn't overcloud everything. It was refreshing to get to know someone before deciding, hey your better than air if I can't have you I'm taking my helmet off in space (did not happen). It took them time to grow, to know each other, then to like each other and that is something I deeply appreciate in a book with such great characters. "But Octavia why did you only give the book three stars?"Well people of Goodreads I gave the book three stars because I liked the book. There were points that dragged, points where I was met with sooo much unnecessary information, times when I just wanted to shout what the hell is going on. I'm not sure if there will be a sequel but I have questions about Yvonne's mother, about what will happen to the General, about what will happen next year at Academy 7. So yes people of Goodreads. I really liked this book but my unwavering curiosity isn't satisfied and I don't think it will be.