Rule: A Marked Men Novel

Rule  - Jay Crownover Original review, and other can be found on my little slice of the internet! Love hate relationship. It's something we hear about all the time when it comes to our fave movies, tv show's and books of course. But I truly had that kind of a relationship with Rule. On the one hand I loved all the raw lust and feelings in general. On the other hand I hated how those intense feeling could occasionally overshadow the bigger picture. So why did I give it four stars? What a wonderful question!Rule is the story we've all read in the NA genre. Girl loves boy for forever but won't tell him because of REASONS, but it turns out boy has some hidden feelings for girl so it's alright. But Rule some how made it seem like more. There were actual moments of communication and realism that made me gasp and swoon all at once. I loved that Shaw (or leading lady) grew as the story progressed. I loved how she came into her own skin and started to live her own life regardless of what people thought or felt. I loved that giant set of lady balls she grew eventually, and I loved how she was a fighter, even though she grew up privileged.Rule (or male MC) was exactly what I've come across within NA but, with a hint of something more. He was tattooed and pierced in places the sun dear not shine, and he had this air of "I truly don't give a shit" but he was also loyal and caring and knew that other's opinions about him truly did not make nor break him. And when he fucked up he owned up to it, and didn't run with his tail between his legs! He knew and accepted that he had to work hard at something that was new to him and I appreciate a man who can look his mistakes and hardships in the face.The plot was cool, although not exactly surprising or original. And the supporting characters all had their own traits and trials to work through and I'm excited to see how they develop within the series.