Truthseeker (Worldwalker Duology #1) - C.E. Murphy A friend of mine recently compared books to sex. If you don't like whats going on stop. DO NOT SUFFER THROUGH. At the time I thought she had a bit too much to drink and I kind of just laughed her off. In hindsight I kind of understand what she meant but on a completely different note I'm more stubborn than any analogy could give me credit so when I find something I push through it just to prove I can. This books was not one of those moments for me. I tried. I really tried. It took 200+ pages and 12 days before I threw in the towel and ran this book back to the library. This woman meets a man and 48 hours later she's agreeing to run off into the night with him into some unknown land. Then she gets there and realizes that he didn't tell her the whole story AND that the only way to get back to her home is through said man. No. NO. NO. I'm done. I quite. This was just ridiculously wrong on so many levels.