Sterling (Mageri, #1)

Sterling (Mageri, #1) - Dannika Dark So Sterling was a solid 4 stars for me. It had action a little romance and a very twisty plot. However with that being said, it was also kind of long and a little slow. There were times when I just wanted to jump a few pages to get on with it, but once the action came it was nicely paced for a dozen or so pages. Zoe was an amazing heroine. She was strong minded, tough, and she knew how to stand up for herself. Even when she was staying with Adam she still focused on "earning her keep" which is something I truly respected and loved about her. She was also extremely smart. Nothing annoys me more than a strong heroine who is so stubborn she doesn't know when to say "ok I can't do it alone, I need help". But Zoe never let her pride or fear get in her way. She embraced who she had become and decided that payback is indeed a bitch. Adam is the man of my dreams. Protective, hot, stern, an amazing cook and not afraid to teach me how to do things for myself. Simone rubbed me the wrong way AT FIRST and then I found that he was that light the book needed in those dark moments. He was cocky to a fault, but it worked for him because you knew he was a big ole softy under all that "I'm to sexy" crap. Which only leaves Justus. Justus. Justus. Justus. He had me torn in so many directions I felt like a sign in a Dr. Seuss book. I loved him. Then I hated him. Then I loved him again. At the end of the day I just know I want him and Zoe Silver to be together. Overall it was a pretty good read, and for 0.99 at Amazon I recommend it to anyone who wants to read something with plot twist and an unforseen ending.