Over the Moon: What Do You Do When an Alien Abducts Your Heart?

Over the Moon - Diane  Daniels "Bring it on! We can deal with it. After all, we are star stuff!" This is a DIRECT quote I got from Over the Moon. In hindsight I have now idea what compelled me to buy this book. Besides Obsidianaliens really aren't my thing, but I guess I wanted to give it a chance. To be honest the only reason I was able to finish this book is because not only did I spend money on it but I actually patiently waited for the US postal service to ship it. And if you don't know first hand then let me tell you they are sooo competent in their shipping process (extreme sarcasm). Tiana was one of those whiny "life isn't fair", "my curiosity wouldn't let me forget", "I was drawn by his charisma" kind of characters. Don't get me wrong sometimes I don't mind insta-love stories, but what was up with the whole "your so beautiful Tiana" from every man, woman and child in the whole town? Not to mention her constant self hate. I can't stand a person who is down on themselves as much as Tiana was on herself throughout the ENTIRE book. There is one moment in the book where she states "I don't thing I'm ugly". Then she turns right around and starts with the I'm plain, I'm not pretty, I'm not deserving blah blah blah crap that makes my blood boil. Andrew was too damn perfect for my liking and to be honest his whole family was like a homework assignment that was forgotten until the last second and then was half ass done to get some sort of grade. Sonya and Alexis seemed like they could have been your typical mean girls but honestly even they were lacking. And not to put in a spoiler or anything but what the hell was that bathroom scene with Tiana and Sonya!!?? Call it violent, take me to jail but i would have punched her in the face and it wouldn't have stopped there. All in all I know authors put a lot of effort into their work but I was EXTREMELY disappointed especially since this book retails for 9.99 at Amazon. I guess it's a better read for ages 12-14 but I don't thing those of us in the NTOFYAB group will enjoy this. Sorry