Dark Embers: A Dragon's Heat Novel (Dragons Heat Novel)

Dark Embers (Dragon's Heat, #1) - Tessa Adams While Dark Embers was a solid 3.75 stars for me I did find myself completely engrossed with each page. Of course there were parts I loved parts I hated and parts that made me squirm, but it was still a solid 3.75 stars for me. Phoebe was refreshing. She was pretty, brilliant and she took shit from no me. Not even a dragon king. Even when her scientific mind was forced to believe things that "couldn't be possible" she never ran from it or acted like a coward like some fluffy half ass heroine. Nope not Ms. Phoebe, she looked it head on and said dragons huh, whelp nobody is perfect and the sex is mind numbing. Which of course brings me to Dylan. Dylan Dylan Dylan. There are no words for this obsession I officially have for him. Granted I did originally call him one hell of a hoe, I quickly changed my tune. All in all the story was well written but a little predictable, but I still really liked it.