A Beautiful Dark

A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies So let me be completely honest. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good cliff hanger. I know there is something seriously wrong with my head. There's just something about an unforseen ending that makes me all giddy inside. While Skye is probably my least favorite heroine of many of the books I've read I was able to stomach her because the other characters were amazing. While Asher is offically one of my many book boyfriends, Devin kind of rubbed me wrong from the start. It's probably because I am an extremely loud and friendly person where he was really shy and reserved. Then you have Cassie whom I loved from her first line. Her personality was something I hoped rubbed off on Skye but of course opposites do indeed attract. Dan was a complete sweetheart and I loved his whole "Skye your like a sister to me" speech. Ian was loyal to a fault in my mind, I mean there has to be a point in your mind when you know when to throw in the towel, but I still liked him. I will admit that while the characters made me like this book, the story line in general was a tad boring for me. It just felt like I was sitting there reading the book waiting for something to happen but it never did. The ending was the first time in the whole book were I gasped and wanted more. All in all it was a decent read and I will definitley read the 2nd book when it comes out.