Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy Series #1)

Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1) - L.A. Weatherly So I have JUST discovered the whole "angel genre" that seems to be bursting at the seams and I must admit it truly isn't my type of read. Now before you go jumping down my throat I say this mainly because I suppose I'm too closed minded about angels. The whole seeing them as amazingly good creatures for 22 years kinds of makes it hard to see them as anything but that. With that being said, this book was pretty good. I don't know if it has changed my view on the genre as a whole but it has definitely opened my mind a bit. Alex was completely bad ass, I know he technically was a minor for the majority of the book but I couldn't help myself, he was uber sexy. Willow truly got on my nerves a lot but I couldn't help admiring her strength too. The plot was crazy original and the story as a whole was well written. I'm excited to read the next book in the trilogy but I think I will wait a week until I decide to do that. All in all I definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to read something action packed, original, and with great characters.