Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning #1)

Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning #1) - Ellen Connor This was a solid 4.5 stars easy. I don't know if the variety (apocalyptic/romance/paranormal/horror) will appeal to everyone but it put a smile/cringe/cover-my-eyes look on my face. Mason was just a giant slab of tasty and Jenna was strong and witty. While there were moments when I wanted to (and did) scream at Jenna I truly can't complain about the book. It was well written and attention grabbing, there were so many twist and turns I gave up trying to guess what would happy next. Not to mention it was like nothing I have ever read, which is always a huge positive in my mind. I usually don't go for the horror genre because I scare easily (wuss, yes I know) but this story had enough steamy parts to make me completely forget about the bloody heart stopping scary stuff. I was really hesitant to buy this book because it is 10 bucks, and my recent experience with books in this price range has been definitely lacking, but I am so so so happy I gave this a try.