Prince of Wolves

Prince of Wolves  - Quinn Loftis So I came across this book and guessed that it was your typical: "girl meets boy, girl loves boy, boy is dangerous, girl can't breath without boy werewolf story". I WAS WRONG (hey at lest I can admit it). Any way this story was just amazing. The love story portion was gripping and heart felt without all the crazy intense "I need you more than air" drama that usually comes with most YA books. The paranormal aspects were extremely refreshing. There are only so many time I can yell at a book and say "Hey stupid girl, you don't have to save the world alone TELL SOMEONE!" and while I love Jac and Fane above all, Jen and Sally were AMAZING additions and made the story lovable and grounded. I especially loved how it was written. I get bored constantly hearing all the internal turmoil from the leading lady only, and with this story everyone's side was told. I'm so happy this book was only .99 but believe me when I say I would easily pay 12x's that to have read this story. It was FANTASTIC!